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18 Hours Study Competition First Time In Parbhani,

Will Be Held On..

📆11th Of August 2019

⏰Time:- 7:00AM


@🕌Masjid E Mahtab Ali Shah (Purana Markaz), Parbhani..

Er Syed Faizan Danish

(Director, Academic Excellence Program)


👉🏻This 18 Hours Study Competition will be Sponsored by Safa Baitul Maal Charitable Trust Parbhani. We expect Your active participation.


11 August, 2019 7:00 am


31 December, 2019 5:00 pm



Our Result Of 18 Hours Study Competition 2019

Group Study Time

Experts Lecture

Alhamdullillah *18 Hours Study Competition* Concluding programe held at Mahtaab Ali Shah Purana Markaz, Parbhani.🌐Our Special Guest And Staff.👨‍🏫 *Prof. Nurulla Khan Sir* (Gold 🏅 Medalist)👨‍🏫 *Dr. Zaheer Baig Sir* (PhD In Microbiology)👨‍🏫 *Prof. Hidayat Sir*(MSc B.Ed)👩‍🏫 *Prof. Meraj Mam* (MSc B.Ed)👩‍🏫 *Samina Mam*(M.A B.Ed)👩‍🏫 *Shireen Mam*(B.A B.Ed)👩‍🏫 *Areeba Saniya Mam*(D.Ed Bsc)👨‍🏫 *Kafeel Sir* (Bsc In Zoology)&👨‍🏫